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Josh Brown - Going by the name pseudonym 'Lunaak' online - is THEGAMERSHUB's resident PC gamer and Features Editor. He can usually be found in the fetal position poking the keys on his Meka G1 for no real purpose or benefit.
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Lucario Pokken Fighters
A special stream took place in Japan this afternoon promising big news for Pokémon fans;...
Posted on August 26, 2014
Viewsonic's edgeless monitors would make for a brilliant surround setup
 A lot of good for not a lot of cash When offered to review one of...
Posted on August 20, 2014
ss (2014-08-14 at 06.08.10)
Kromaia, Tri and Tulpa are all with us in spirit The guys over at...
Posted on August 14, 2014
ss (2014-08-14 at 05.47.07)
Gamescom? Who needs it. At this point, there’s few people not away of that fact...
Posted on August 14, 2014
Escaping the bloodied high-school setting of a murder mystery novel and winding up on a deserted...
Posted on June 6, 2014
Hatoful Boyfriend - Screen 2_1402053865
In an age where only the best of the best visual novels appear to make...
Posted on June 6, 2014
A few hours with Tomodachi Life feels like mere minutes. There’s a strange sense of euphoria...
Posted on June 6, 2014
It feels like forever since Gameforge’s now F2P MMO TERA: Rising received much of a...
Posted on June 2, 2014
Perfect in very few ways I’ve followed the paths of many vastly watered down professions...
Posted on May 31, 2014
It hasn’t even been a month since Epic Games made the surprise announcement through a...
Posted on May 30, 2014
Infinite Crisis - Gaslight Joker art
Atrocitus joins the fray! The celebration of all things DC Comics - Infinite Crisis -...
Posted on May 30, 2014
Battle Princess of Arcadias
Everyone loves a good side-scrolling beat em’ up, right? Dust: An Elysian Tail, Elsword...
Posted on May 30, 2014
Töten war noch nie so viel Spaß gemacht Wolfenstein; a series known far and...
Posted on May 30, 2014
When Capcom shut down Keiji Inafune’s long-awaiting fan collaboration Mega Man title, it’s understandable to...
Posted on May 30, 2014
PlayStation Plus Logo
Fred Dutton delivers! With the closing of the month comes the beginning of the...
Posted on May 29, 2014
Got £1 (and change) to spare after coming home from work? Own Arma 3?...
Posted on May 29, 2014
Requesting more time to refine and polish ‘The Evil Within‘, Shinji Mikami and...
Posted on May 29, 2014
It’s one after another for Bethesda these days! BATTLECRY - the appropriately named first game...
Posted on May 29, 2014
Another game to see its life handed to it by optimistic Kickstarter backers released on...
Posted on May 28, 2014
After 18+ years of releases for the much-loved fantasy farming simulator ‘Bokujo Monogatari’  (that’s...
Posted on May 28, 2014