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Having started out writing based on my love of games, I'm now sat at the top of TGH's editorial ladder. A keen wordsmith, and an all-round busy person in the world of games critique and the industry as a whole. You can get in touch with me on Twitter @Starfox118
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Until Dawn (10)
Tawdry teen horror is being redefined under Sony’s watchful eye Back at Gamescom in 2012...
Posted on October 1, 2014
The Order 1886 Screen (5)
It’s got the looks, but not the brains To look at The Order 1886 it’s...
Posted on September 30, 2014
LACops_Logo copy
It’s the cop show that you’ve always wanted to play Donuts, guns, sunglasses, and big,...
Posted on September 29, 2014
A puzzling survival puzzler If the above trailer confused you, intrigued you, or some happy...
Posted on September 22, 2014
Ewe kid on the block For years Team17 has been known for little more than...
Posted on September 15, 2014
Metro Redux_20140907213836
A desolate wasteland has never looked so good The Last of Us Remastered Tomb ...
Posted on September 12, 2014
Twelve Screen 14
From surgery to sums After having exhausted and polished off the surgery genre with the...
Posted on September 11, 2014
Velocity 2X Rifle blast
Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better Velocity, and it’s reworked update Velocity Ultra, won...
Posted on September 2, 2014
Bedlam Calastria_003
Controlled chaos Bedlam isn’t your standard game. It’s a game based on a book, that’s...
Posted on September 2, 2014
OlliOlli PS4 - Nollie Bigspin Flip
Jumping a little higher, landing a little harder First things first, I love OlliOlli;...
Posted on August 30, 2014
Encouraging you to rediscover fun Honeyslug creates incredibly diverse games, each of them seemingly conceived...
Posted on August 26, 2014
Your beta buddy was never going to last With Bungie’s Destiny releasing in just a handful...
Posted on August 25, 2014
Life Is Strange Chloe_smoking
Dontnod bring time manipulation back to games Dontnod are known for doing things a little...
Posted on August 24, 2014
Escape Dead Island (3)
Sneaking to answer the questions of Dead Island When I head of the premise behind ...
Posted on August 24, 2014
Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions - Peanut Turret
Twin-sticking it to the man When Bizarre Creations closed down back in 2011, so did...
Posted on August 20, 2014
Helled up for the right reasons When Dead Island developer Techland said they’d be bringing...
Posted on August 19, 2014
Dead Island 2 - Gamescom - 4
The truth is, it just wasn’t ready Remember how we didn’t get to see any...
Posted on August 18, 2014
Dead Island 2 - Gamescom - 2
Who knew California wasn’t an Island? Dead Island set itself as a tropical getaway gone...
Posted on August 18, 2014
Yager’s psychological shooter could have gone a different way While Spec Ops: The Line does...
Posted on August 17, 2014
Alfs escape-2
Something’s a brewin’ Are you a sadist? Are you one of the few people in...
Posted on August 17, 2014