Final Fantasy Creator Is Abandoning Consoles to Make iOS Games

Hironobu Sakaguchi, famed for his involvement in the creation of Final Fantasy, will stop creating games for consoles and instead focus on iOS titles; his first game will be based on his hobby of surfing.

Speaking to Eurogamer at a BAFTA event in London last night, he told them that he has three iOS projects in the works, but decided to not divulge details.

The games are apparently “small projects” and will be “platform” games, which is a contrast to his work on Final Fantasy and Wii titles The Last Story. Sakaguchi said that “the first [game] is a surfing game”, whilst his translator added “he’s not joking” just to confirm the seriousness of Sakaguchi’s statement.

It seems that Sakaguchi decided to take up iOS development because he was “an Apple fan” and how the market for smartphone games was “increasing rapidly”; however he doesn’t seem entirely sure the mobile market will take over console gaming.

“Images outputted by PCs or consoles will always be of higher quality,” Sakaguchi reasoned, “so they will never disappear off the face of the Earth.”

It seems that this change of direction could have arisen from a desire to move away from his Final Fantasy reputation: “I had six interviews this morning and afternoon and there were so many questions about Final Fantasy,” he said. “I am really tired of it!”


Source: Eurogamer

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