Fancy Playing Lord Of The Rings In Skyrim?

Originally intended to be created as a mod for Oblivion, the Lord of the Rings based project called MERP (Middle Earth Role-Playing Project) is now being shifted piece by piece into the world of Skyrim thanks to the creation kit.

When the game is eventually complete, you’ll get to take up the role of the ring-bearer and follow the quest line in a similar fashion to the Tolkien books. You aren’t limited to just being the hairy footed Frodo, you can in fact choose from one of ten playable races, races that include elves, hobbits, dwarves and men.

You can still play the work that the team have done for Oblivion by downloading the Mod.

The Skyrim mod will no doubt be very impressive thanks to the new quest and voice features that Bethesda have brought in for the TES V Construction Kit


Source: Kotaku

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