12 of the Best/Worst Printed Game Adverts

Who remembers the days of opening a magazine or newspaper and seeing a hilarious and somewhat un-PC  advert for a gaming product. We’re talking about the days when games publishers weren’t scared to attack and insult each other so obviously, or when sexual innuendos were rife (we’re looking at you Sega). Now when any publisher tries to go back to this risque advertising people break out in uproar, such as the Ivy and Voldo Soul Calibur V adverts, or the annoyance at the petty Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 pissing contest.

Here are some of the best, and arguably worst, adverts for games and consoles forever locked in print. They are in no discernible order so just enjoy them as they are. Click the Image to get a larger version.

1.  Virtua Tennis on the Dreamcast

2. Nintendo Gamecube

3. Sega MegaDrive with Joystick

4. Street Fighter II Turbo on the SNES

5. WipEout Fusion on PS2

6. Super GameBoy for SNES

7. Phantasy Star Online for Dreamcast

8. Mortal Kombat for Arcades.

9.  Original GameBoy

10. Atari Lynx

11. WipEout on Playstation

12. Nintendo Game Keeper

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