Getting Fit – Playing Games: Wed & Thurs

Wednesday Morning: Really realised the games room is too small for Move Fitness. While many of the sports activities work perfectly, some; which involved moving balls, or hitting on-coming balls, become difficult. The main problem is that Move Fitness requires you to keep moving your legs and not just your arms. To hit the balls I need to move out of the PS Eye’s site – meaning it stops tracking and I miss the objective.

I’ve noticed more than this though, Move Fitness is a two-way street – whilst it’ll actively encourage you to keep moving your legs it can’t really tell. The feedback the Move controllers have is pretty good, though. If you stop moving, the Cal burner stops. If you move slowly, it slows down, if you wave your arms like a crazy person, it shoots up. Not hard to cheat though.

By the end of Wednesday I really noticed the key thing, which applies to all fitness games. You need to put effort into doing things correctly, because the game can’t tell you to get in gear. It’s human nature to find the easy way of doing things, but thankfully its human nature to make things difficult for yourself either way.

When it came to Thursday I was very excited to put all my effort in, with a workout total of about 1hour 30min. Its Friday today, and I’m going for a drink after work, so my evening fitness will be a bit dangerous. It’ll be interesting to see if I keep playing these games after my week target. Really depends on if my addiction to games continues to be relevant even though this requires a level of effort on my part.

If your planning on losing some weight, and really don’t like the Gym life style – why not try this out. If not Batman is a great game, the DLC for BF3 is pretty cool and Joe Danger is on XBL.

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