Getting Fit – Playing a Game: Tuesday

Like most things I do, I get bored after the first day – my terrible attitude made me skip my morning workout – which i regret. I got to work at early o’clock, and felt tired, which meant I got stuck into a coffee. I was still tired, and loads of people seemed to be eating Christmas pudding because that’s how we roll; of course I got stuck into a bowl of that.

I’m a bad morning person, the only times I wake up in the morning is if I’m panicked, usually because I’m late or I’ve forgotten to do something. Doing a small bit of exercise in the morning really helped me, it got me earning points; watching the cal’s burnt number increase – It was fun. I think that’s why I’m so into gaming. I love earning points, levelling up, beating my mates – its addictive.

Who said games were addicting, aye? Well of course they are, or why would we play them. If you enjoy something, you’ll do it as often as you can. I enjoy gaming, so I’ll do it often. If they made an addictive game about cooking you’d learn how to cook, it’s why educational games are rammed down children’s throats, and it’ll only get worse.

So with the fitness games on the market you’ll be getting fitter, bettering yourself, earning points, getting achievements, and coming back for more. This is why I did a 50min’s of workout when I got home. Not just because I failed this morning, but because I needed those points.

Also, I achieved a trophy.

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One Comment to “ Getting Fit – Playing a Game: Tuesday ”

  • Josh Brown December 7, 2011 at 5:10 pm Like or Dislike Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

    Careful. Usually when the words addictive and gaming are so close together, Fox report it as a bad thing.

    Earning points = GTA Murder
    Leveling up = WoW Addict
    Beating my Mates = Real-World Violence

    That’s how they see it!